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*Hours are billed in 15 minute increments. If a client wishes to hire MSAS, a prepayment of $300 is required. The prepayment will be applied to the first three hours of advocacy services and is refundable if less than three hours is needed or if the agreement is terminated before services are rendered. Fees can be paid by credit card or ACH bank draft and will be invoiced through Square. Travel of less than 60 miles to in-person meetings will be charged at the IRS mileage rate for the current year. Clients that live more than 60 miles from MSAS (Rochester Hills, MI) will be encouraged to hold virtual school meetings. If in-person meetings are necessary, travel will be charged at half the hourly rate.

We understand that the ability to pay can be a barrier to retaining high quality, experienced advocacy services for your child. If your child qualifies for free/reduced lunch, we can discuss a reduction in fees and/or a payment plan.