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My name is Angela Tyszka and I am a special education advocate in Michigan. I have a strong passion for advocating for people with disabilities and helping caregivers find resources for their students with IEPs and 504 plans. With approximately 20 years of experience, I’d love to see how we can work together to meet your student’s needs.


Check out past and future speaking engagements on my media page.


I have a B.S. degree in Community Development and an M.S.A. degree in Leadership, both from Central Michigan University.

After graduation I worked in higher education for 14 years, seven of those as a disability services coordinator at a law school. I’ve also attended many conferences, webinars and workshops on disability and education topics and have had many professional memberships over the years. I’ve participated in panel discussions for organizations like Michigan Alliance for Families, Oakland Schools Parent Advisory Committee, and in a special education town hall for U.S. Congresswoman Haley Stevens.

I’ve been a representative on the Oakland Schools Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) since 2016 and was the PAC Chair from 2019-2021. I also helped develop a parent resource and support group for my local school district, for which I currently act as co-chair. In addition, I’ve been a volunteer surrogate parent for students that don’t have a parent to represent them in the IEP process.

I live in Rochester Hills with my husband and two sons (both of which have IEPs). As a family we love going to the beach, water parks, and amusement parks. I am an avid reader, I listen to podcasts, and love to attend concerts and sporting events.

The Tyszka family riding a roller coaster.
Angela and her husband at a charity event.

Jessica L.

Angela is the kind of educational advocate we all want: passionately knowledgeable about the rights of children with disabilities and extremely adept at making sure IDEA, MARSE and many other rules and regulations are followed for our children; but she also has first hand experience! As the mom of a disabled child herself who has been seated at her fair share of IEP tables advocating for her son, she leaves no stone unturned in her efforts to help parents be active and confident participants in the IEP process in order to create an educational plan for their child that supports their needs. She is an amazing advocate!

Elizabeth W.

We have personally used Angela, the owner, as an IEP resource. Her knowledge and compassion are unmatched. I would highly recommend her if you are struggling with the IEP process or could use someone to advocate with you for your child.

Although MI Student Advocacy Services LLC (MSAS) offers skilled advocacy services, neither Angela Tyszka nor MSAS are medical doctors, attorneys, social workers or therapists. MSAS cannot, in any circumstance, act as your attorney. In addition, MSAS will act on your behalf in a courteous, conscientious and professional manner at all times to try to seek solutions that are appropriate for your student. However, we cannot promise or guarantee any specific outcome or result.